Sad Puppy to Happy Puppy

I went to the mall today, but before I left, I told Yuna I was very mad at her, because I was! She was being so naughty, barking at the window in excess and when a guest came over, she was WAY too hyper. I got frustrated because she wasn’t listening to a thing I was saying. So yeah, before I left the house, I looked her in the eye and told her I was mad. My sister texts me a little while later, when I was at the mall, and tells me Yuna was howling when I left. She said it wasn’t whining, it was like a wolf howling. She was howling in between whining though. She also said Yuna was “depressed”. Ahahaha, so it looks like Yuna understood I was mad at her! Honestly, sometimes, I’m not sure she knows how I am feeling, because sometimes I am scolding her and she’s just wagging her tail with her tongue lolling out, looking like the happiest dog in the world. I kind of wish I was there to hear her howl, she has never done that before. Actually, I didn’t even know she could do that.

Anyway, when I got home, she was sooooo happy to see me, and I felt pretty bad that I made her sad, so I took her to the dog park where she had a great time! I rarely take videos/photos of her at the dog park, but I took a video today. In case you don’t recognize Yuna, she’s the lightest coloured dog in the video :) (The one that looks almost white).

Sorority Girls Update


I haven’t written about my betta sorority in two weeks (pretty much since I got them), so here’s a quick little update.Apologies for the terrible picture above … they are next to impossible to photograph with an ordinary camera. When I go in front of the tank, they think they are being fed so they swim around like crazy near the surface waiting for food.

First of all — they’re all still alive, hooray! There has been some minor fin nipping and chasing around the tank, and as a result, 3 of my girls have some torn tails :( Nothing major, but still noticeable. On the other hand, their colours have definitely come out more. When I first got them, I thought I had gotten 2 pale pink/white girls, 1 black fish, 1 blue fish and 1 red fish. Well, turns out the black betta is actually a dark red/indigo blue fish, one of the white/pale bettas is actually also red and blue and the last white/pale betta is actually turquoise. Strange huh?! So since they are slowly becoming a little more colorful, I think this means they are becoming more healthy?

Secondly, they all have names now :) Magda (or Queen Magda, as she is #1 in the tank) is the largest female betta in the tank, she is the one I originally thought was just a plain black betta, but is actually dark red with some indigo blue in her fins and tail.¬†Juno is the second largest female in the tank, she is turquoise colour and has always been that colour. Melisandre is a red female betta, named after a Game of Thrones character, the red priestess. Lola is like a miniture Magda, she has all the same coloring, except Lola is a smaller size. Last but not least, Tuna was originally a pale/white colour. The colour of tuna actually, that’s why she was named so. But turns out she’s actually turquoise! So that was very surprising.

Third, I have no idea what the hierarchy in the tank is anymore. It’s been about two weeks now, and I’m sure they’ve established their own hierarchy by now, but I can’t really tell the order. I’m positive Magda is still Queen Magda. I’m not sure who’s number two or three, etc. anymore. For example, when I first got them, Juno was clearly number two because all the other girls would swim away from her, except Magda, the only fish Juno would leave alone. However, I have since seen Melisandre telling Juno off a few times. Another example, Tuna was clearly the last in the hierarchy when I first got them all. However, I’ve since seen Tuna act aggressively towards Lola and maybe some others. Point is, I don’t know the order¬† …. oh well!

As far as I can tell, all is going well in the tank. They have certainly plumped up and gotten more colourful since I have been taking care of them. In fact, I think Magda might be experiencing a little bit of bloat from too much food. I will be fasting them all tomorrow anyway, as I read it is good to fast your fish once a week. Hopefully Magda’s bloat or constipation or whatever goes away. Speaking of which, poor Ernie is definitely bloated or constipated. It’s on the mild side, but noticeable. He is going to fasted for the next couple of days. Hopefully that will allow his bowels to move properly. I will try the pea-as-a-laxative thing later on, if his round belly hasn’t gone back to its normal size by then.

Beautiful Spring Day

IMG_20140413_133643Today is a beautiful spring day, so my sisters and I took Yuna and Ellie to the park/port for a stroll. It was a really busy day at this particular park, tons of people and dogs milling around. I’m pretty sure Yuna had a fantastic day today. First we walked around the park area, where there were lots of families having barbeques and young kids playing frisbee and things like that. I’m really proud of Yuna for not going crazy, she actually stayed right by my side. There were also a hundred other people walking their dogs around the park and Yuna also managed to keep her cool for the most part, so that was good too!

Next we walked down to the docks. It was Yuna’s very first time seeing that much water but I don’t think she really cared. She was much, much more interested in sniffing bird poop (gross) and looking at the seagulls flying around.

Lastly, we took her to the fenced off dog area of the park and let her loose to run around. No matter how long a walk you do beforehand, Yuna always manages to find the energy to zoom around the dog park. There was only Ellie and two other dogs in the park (I think they were a Rottweiler and a Yorkshire Terrier?), so it wasn’t that busy in the dog park area. I think most people wanted to take their dogs out on the grass and docks. But Yuna had a blast, she loves being chased and the Rottweiler seemed to love chasing Yuna, so they ran around in circles for a good long time. Now we are all at home and Yuna’s tuckered out, having an afternoon snooze.

Here are some more pictures of their day out:



Ernie’s First Bubble Nest!

DSC_1368Doing a water change the other day and got this pleasant surprise in Ernie’s tank — that’s a bubble nest!! Click the picture to get a bigger version, if you can’t see it. First bubble nest I ever seen Ernie make! :) From what I know, bettas only make bubble nests when they’re healthy and happy. Guess he really is feeling better with Diablo out of the tank. I showed it to my sister, who said, “How do you know they’re not just regular bubbles?” Well, I’m no expert, for sure. However, from pictures I’ve seen on the Internet and also because I don’t think bubbles randomly appear in the middle of the water (wouldn’t they be on the side of the tank more?), I’m pretty sure Ernie made those bubbles.

Unfortunately, I had to ruin the nest by doing the water change, but this morning, I saw that it is back and bigger! Gives the little guy something to do, I suppose.

In case you are wondering, Diablo has not made any bubble nests. Diablo has always been more of the “emo” type anyway, I’d be surprised to see him make a nest.

As an aside — and now I’m just rambling my thoughts — I went to a pet store today and as usual, was just checking out their betta fish. This is a different pet store from where I usually shop (I usually go to PetSmart because there is one literally 5 minutes from my house), and man, their bettas are so small. They’re not kept in cups at this store, but rather, in those “betta cube” things. I don’t think they are baby bettas either, they look like stunted betta fish. Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised. Ernie and Diablo would look massive next to them!


Haircut for spring and summer


DSC_1365Yuna got a haircut today! Thought it was time to get her a super short haircut to prep her for the upcoming warm weather. She looks so puppy like again! And a lot smaller. My family thinks she looks naked, but I think she’s adorable! My boyfriend said she looks pretty. I think my family just isn’t used to her having much less hair, haha.

I have a feeling a lot more people are going to mistake her for a labrador retriever now, haha.

Yuna had been laying on the kitchen tiles a lot the last month, and not so much on the carpet. Now here she is enjoying the sunlight :)

Diablo gets his own 2.5G.


After Diablo and Ernie had their scuffle from when Ernie managed to hop over the divider, I’ve been kind of paranoid about them sharing a tank. Also, Ernie and Diablo have gotten bigger.

So a couple days ago, I got a 2.5 gallon tank so now they have separate tanks. My family had all been telling me not to get another tank, that Diablo and Ernie will be “fine” sharing their 5.5G together. I think their main concern was that I was getting too many tanks … I’m sure the fish will be fine after I’ve taken some extra precautions to make sure they cannot get at one another anymore; however, for my peace of mind, I prefer them in separate tanks.

The new tank is in my bedroom. I snuck it into the house. So far most of my family have not noticed the new tank in my room, nor have they noticed the 5.5 gallon is no longer divided and that there’s a fish gone from it, haha.

Ernie is LOVING having the whole 5.5 gallon tank to himself, as expected. He swims around happily. I think Diablo is happy too, even though it’s essentially the same amount of space he had before, at least now there’s no second betta for him to stress out about. The only think with Diablo being in my bedroom is that he’s obviously alone in my room a lot. Not many people passing by, whereas Ernie’s tank is still in the living room, so there’s always people and Yuna walking by. My only worry is that he’ll become depressed. I’ve been putting random objects in front of his tank and rearranging them, hoping that will provide some form of entertainment.

I really like the 2.5 gallon tank, it’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much space, and large enough that I don’t feel like it’s too cramped for the betta fish. It’s also pretty cheap! I’m itching to get another 2.5 gallon tank because I saw the most BEAUTIFUL betta at PetSmart – coral coloured veiltail whose tail ends clear. Took everything I had not to just buy it on the spot. But if I get another tank, that’s four tanks, ugh! I don’t find tank maintenance annoying or too much work, so I’m sure I can handle one more tank … just that my boyfriend and family really think I have too much. Sigh. When I get my own place, I’ll have a fish room.